The Productive Inbox

Instantly increase your productivity using the simple, sustainable methods found in this eBook.

the_productive_inbox_cover3 Reasons this eBook will benefit you:

  • Identify and focus on the important tasks quicker.
  • A simple archive method for easy future reference.
  • Peace of mind with a clearer layout.

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 If you’re like me, you receive a ton of emails every day. As you work through some, more comes in. It is disheartening and only adds to your sense of non-Achievement.

I used to get flustered and anxious because of the emails flooding my inbox. I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done, and the backlog was growing and growing. I tried multiple options to manage my emails better, but they either didn’t work or were way to complicated to maintain.

Over time, I hacked together my own method from a multitude of sources, and now have a simple, sustainable method that has contributed immensely to my overall productivity.

The book shows you 5 simple steps you can follow to simplify, prioritise, and apply focus to your inbox. Better inbox management allows for better time management outside of email, and helps you get stuff done.

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