Recommended Resources

These resources have helped me immensely. They are a combination of items ranging from life changing books to website hosting, and all of them are common in the fact that they can help you be better than before. I hope they will benefit you as much as they have benefited me.

This is a small list for now, but it will grow as I find (or remember) more tools that have helped me along my journey.


Change the World for Ten Bucks by We Are What We Do: I bought a variation of this book at a book fair, and it is a truly amazing little book. It shows you small actions you can take that will make an impact on the world around you. Loved it.

Everything I Know by Paul Jarvis: This book really got me creating new work. Paul Jarvis talks about his creativity and passes on his experience as best he can.

Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde: A fictional story about a boy who changes the world. This book really had me thinking about small acts that can change our world.

Stronger than you know… by Celeste Daniels: A heartfelt story about sexual abuse in a family. Not normally the type of book I read, but I just couldn’t put the book down.

The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons: Probably the best science fiction story I’ve ever read. It has a fantastic blend of history, and futuristic philosophy woven into an immense story line.

Productivity Tools

Google Drive: Probably my most useful tool. I have my files synchronised between my multiple desktops, mobile devices – allowing me to create content wherever I am.

Slack: Slack is amazing. It allows me to keep track of different projects I’m working on as well as a great little reminder system.

Draft: Most of my articles are written through Draft. A single location where I can edit my posts using Markdown. It synchronises with Google Drive and publishes to my WordPress website without issues.

Google Keep: An understated product from Google that make note taking easy. A consistent interface between desktop and mobile device makes life easy. And simple colour options and reminders help me quickly make notes to work on later.

Web hosting and blogging tools

WordPress: The most popular blogging software used today. It usually comes as an easy-to-install package with most hosting companies.

Medium: A free, easy to use, beautiful blogging platform that has some character.

MailChimp: One of the easiest and most popular mailing list services around. It is free for up to 2000 subscribers.